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Available in regular round, cafe or wide face, Spring Pressure Curtain Rods are an easy way to install an inside mount treatment. Rods are designed for light weight fabrics or sheers, use caution when covering a wide span. Shower rods are also available.

Easy Installation In Open Spaces With Spring Pressure Curtain Rods

For open areas without wall space for traditional brackets, spring pressure curtain rods make installation easy. Spring pressure rods are sometimes called tension or spring tension. The terms are interchangeable and mean that the rod expands within the open space and is held in place by internal pressure. Without brackets and supports, the amount of pressure created by the internal spring is responsible for holding the weight of both the rod and your fabric.

Always use caution when mounting a spring pressure curtain rod. Without the proper pressure, your drapes may fall down. It's recommended that you only use a spring rod on light weight fabrics or sheers that don't intend to open and close very often. Spring rods are easy to use and a great choice when you don't have room for brackets, but they can't support the same amount of weight that their traditional wall mount counterparts can. And, the wider the rod is, the less weight it can support.

Cafe, standard round and wide face spring pressure rods are available depending on your treatment style. There are also options for Shower Rods in both round and wide face as well. Most of time, you'll use the rod pocket at the top of your fabric to install your drapery. Small cafe rod rings or shower curtain rings can also be used.

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