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Wood Style Curtain Rods And Drapery Hardware

Wood Drapery Hardware

There are a wide variety of options for wood curtain rods. Available in just about any paint, faux-finish or stain you can imagine, wood drapery hardware will easily coordinate with any interior design style. With literally hundreds of finial choices, you'll definitely find something you like. Both smooth and fluted pole styles are offered with most collections.

Wood Curtain Rods And Drapery Hardware

Wood Drapery Hardware

Using wood drapery hardware is one of the most popular ways to hang curtains. No matter what drapery style you're using - pinch-pleat, flat panels, swags, tabs or rod pockets, there's always going to be a great option for you to use in a wood style collection. Wood drapery rods have the most options available for your window treatment. You'll find the widest assortment of sizes, finials and finishes when you select a wood collection.

Wooden curtain rods have been a mainstay in the drapery hardware industry for over a hundred years. While the styles have changed over time, the traditional wood drapery rod with finials and rings remains the most popular window treatment. With all of the styles and colors to choose from, your wood curtain rod can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Typically, wood drapery rods are available in three styles - smooth, fluted and twisted. You'll sometimes see the fluted style referred to as reeded or grooved. Smooth style rods are popular for rich stain finishes or for flat metallic finishes. The twisted and fluted styles look great with basic colors, but the texture of the drapery rod truly stands out when you choose a two-toned or faux finish. The paint or stain settles in the flutes and twists and they appear darker than the rest of the rod, giving your window treatment and brilliant multi-layered appearance.

Wood Drapery Hardware is available with standard size drapery rods. It's really easy to cut down a wood pole to size at home before you hang it. Or, if one of the standard sizes is too small, you can always join multiple rods together to reach longer widths. Just don't forget a center support where the two curtain rods come together.

It's important to remember that most components like finials and brackets that go along with wood drapery hardware are actually made from resin, not wood. If you're searching for actual wood components, make certain to double check the Product Material notation.

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