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Wrought Iron Style Curtain Rods And Drapery Hardware

Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware

From simple end caps to elaborate and ornate floral designs, Wrought Iron curtain rods are an excellent choice for your window treatment. Functional and beautiful, wrought iron drapery hardware offers a unique appeal with classic old world charm. Iron swivel sockets make creating a corner or bay window treatment easy.

The Rustic Charm Of Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware

Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware is a very versatile window treatment. Depending on the style and finish you choose, wrought iron drapery rods can be either contemporary or classic. Ornate and rustic finial designs used with traditional black or bronze finishes will look great in any home decor. Sleek, modern end caps or geometric finials combined with brilliant pewter or gold will compliment a more contemporary room design.

Many times, when referring to wrought iron curtain rods, it should be noted that the poles are typically not manufactured from traditional wrought iron. In this case, wrought iron refers to the style of the drapery hardware and window treatment. Most all modern wrought iron collections are made from durable hollow-core extruded steel and finished with traditional wrought iron colors and textures. A true solid wrought iron pole is incredibly heavy and simply not necessary when installing curtains. You can get the same look without the increased weight by using a hollow-core product. Plus, modern wrought iron curtain rods can be easily cut to size on site using a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade or miter saw.

In most collections, like the Kirsch Wrought Iron, the components are made from cast iron. Make certain that you install any wrought iron bracket securely. It's recommended that you install the brackets into wood studs or into the wood header above the window. If you must use a hollow wall anchor, be sure to get one that has been tested to hold the weight of both your curtains and the curtain rod and finials.

It's suggested that you use a bracket every four feet when hanging a wrought iron curtain rod. If you need your drapery to move past the support brackets, make sure to choose a collection that has bypass brackets and bypass rings available. This style of bracket and ring will allow you to open and close your curtains past the support brackets.

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