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Orion Drapery Hardware

Orion Drapery Hardware

Stunning Wrought Iron drapery rods from Orion. Iron Art curtain rods bring unmatched quality and elegance to your window treatment. With an almost limitless color palette and the largest assortment of iron finials and accessories, you can easily find the perfect match for your interior design.

Hand Finished Custom Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Orion Drapery Hardware

Wrought iron curtain rods are a great way to bring a warm and traditional feeling to any room. Iron Art by Orion features one of the widest assortments of wrought iron drapery hardware available. With hundreds of finials and an unending selection of colors and finishes, it's easy to find the perfect combination to match your interior design style. In addition to iron, Orion drapery hardware features metal rods with glass and crystal finials for a more modern look.

Most wrought iron collections include basic colors like black and rust. But, Orion has over thirty different finishes available. You'll even find unique faux finishes within their color selections. And, you won't be limited to only smooth poles. Round, twisted, square and hammered are just a few of dozens of pole styles available.

For your window treatment to look it's best, the curtain rods should be properly scaled for the span and drop of the fabric. Typically, smaller windows look best with smaller scale drapery rod diameters. And, for larger window or curtains with a larger drop, larger diameters like two inch or three inch are used. Otherwise, your drapery rod may appear too thin for your window. Iron Art by Orion has rod diameters ranging from just a half-inch all the way to three inch.

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