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Drapery Hardware by Style

From classic to modern and traditional to contemporary, you can create any style for you window treatment using premium drapery hardware. Curtain rods are available in wood, metal and wrought iron styles to compliment your interior design. From traditional rich wood tones to brilliant modern chrome, it's easy to find the perfect drapery rod for your curtains.

Popular Styles In Decorative Drapery Hardware

By far, the most popular style for curtain rods is wood because there are so many options. There are limitless combinations of colors, stains, faux-finishes to choose from. The wide variety available will allow you to create either a traditional window treatment using wood stain finishes, or a modern style treatment with shiny metallic paint or faux-finishes.

For a more contemporary look, metal drapery rods are a great option. Modern window treatments typically feature smaller scale curtain rods and shiny metal finishes like chrome, brass or bronze. You may want to consider metal style hardware if you want to match other elements in your room like cabinet knobs or door hardware.

Wrought Iron is a versatile option that can compliment either a traditional or modern interior design. Classic wrought iron colors like black, rust and copper with heavily embellished finials and brackets provide a warm, old-world appeal to your room. And, painted wrought iron drapery rods, when used with end caps or petite finials, can appear quite contemporary.
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