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Curtain rods with two operable layers of fabric are called double traverse rods. Most double rods are pre-made as split-draw but can be easily converted to one-way. For a stronger double rod, visit our heavy-duty curtain rods section.

Sheers With Decorative Panels Are Frequently Installed On Double Traverse Curtain Rods

It's easy to hang two layers of fabrics together by using a double traverse curtain rod. A pre-made double rod allows you to install both components on the same set of brackets so installation is a snap. And, even though most all double rods are only sold as split draw, you can convert one or both to a one-way by simply sliding off the unwanted master carrier and re-positioning the slides and cord.

Most of the time, you'll be using double traverse curtain rods with decorative curtains on the front and sheers on the back. If you have a stationary valance for the front instead of operable panels, then you may want to consider a combo rod instead. Traverse rods are only used when you need your fabric to open and close with a cord.

Valance rods with extended returns in the six and seven inch range can be used to wrap your double curtain rods with a stationary top valance treatment. Just make certain that the clearance of your valance rod is substantial enough to allow for easy operation of the drapes beneath it.

If you are looking for a ceiling mount curtain rod, then you'll need to visit our heavy-duty curtain rods section instead. All pre-manufactured curtain rods are made for wall mount only. For a double ceiling mount installation, you can use two independent single rods. You don't need to bother with double brackets for ceiling mount treatment.

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