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Wide Face Continental Curtain Rods

For valances or toppers with rod pockets greater than two and one-half inches, Wide Face Continental Curtain Rods are available with face sizes of 2 1/2" or 4 1/2". Combos with stationary plain rods in the rear are also available for non-operating sheers.

Wide Face Continental Curtain Rods Are Used For Valances

For draperies with a 3 inch or larger rod pocket, you may need a Wide Face Continental rod. Wide face curtain rods come in two face sizes, two and one-half inch and four and one-half inch. The pocket depth of your curtain will determine which size you need. The rod face slides into your rod pocket and gives your valance a tailored look.

Wide face curtain rods are exclusively designed for valances and toppers. The only way to attach your fabric to the rod is by sliding the rod into your rod pocket. You can't use rings with a wide face rods. This means your fabric must remain stationary.

Many rods are available with extended clearance sizes. You'll find options up to and over eight inches so you know you'll have plenty of room underneath for other layers of fabrics. Use wide face curtain rods over double traverse or combo rods for a three layer treatment.

Combo wide face rods are also available allowing you to install both your valance rod and stationary curtain rod on the same set of brackets. Use the wide face rod for your valance and the rear curtain rod for non-operable sheers. With adjustable clearances, you can still have enough room for a traverse rod as well.

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