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Traverse curtain rods open and close with a cord and can be split draw, one-way draw left or one-way draw right. For a stronger rod, order an adjustable rod with a minimum width close to your window size so you'll have double-strength throughout the remaining span. Or, check out our heavy-duty curtain rods.

Adjustable Traversing Single Cord Draw Curtain Rods

If you need your curtains to open and close with a cord, then single traverse rods are the option for you. Single traverse rods are used for operable drapes or sheers without another layer of fabric behind them. You can combine traverse rods with valance rods for a stationary layer in front of your cord draw fabric if you need to.

Traverse curtain rods are available with three different draw styles: center, sometimes called split, one-way left or one-way right. For one-way rods, the designation of left or right refers to the side of the rod where you want your drapery to stack. If you can't find a one-way draw pre-made to the size of your window, you can always use a split draw rod and convert it to one-way at home. The process is very simple and we'll be glad to talk you through it.

You'll want to hang pleated drapes or sheers on a traverse curtain rod using drapery pins. There are several styles of drapery pins made specifically for different types of curtains. Long shank or pleater pins will extend the header of your drapery upwards to conceal the traverse rod carriers and a portion of the rod while regular pins will position the top of your curtains near the eyelet on the carrier.

For large windows or heavy drapes, you might want to consider a heavy-duty curtain rod instead of a pre-made rod. This type of rod has ball-bearing carriers and extra strong components. Visit our heavy-duty curtain rod section to learn more.

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