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Name Brand Drapery Hardware

Drapery Hardware by Brand Name

Only the very best designer brand names of drapery hardware. Chosen for quality, consistency and selection, our featured brands are at the forefront of the window treatment industry. Offering a wide range of styles like wood, metal and wrought iron plus customizable features, our brands are the most sought after names in drapery hardware. Your curtains deserve only the best rods and our partner manufacturers are leading the industry in style, design and functionality.

Top Rated Designer Drapery Hardware Brands

We understand that you expect only the very best for your home's interior. Keeping that in mind, we have selected only the top brands and manufacturers of drapery hardware to offer to our shoppers. Of course, you can find the top national brands within our selections, but we've also partnered with regional custom manufacturers to offer you the widest range of options for your window treatment.

There is a distinct difference between the curtain rods available for purchase at your local box stores and the designer quality products you'll find here. Each piece is crafted with both beauty and functionality in mind. High quality paint and stain finishes are available plus a wide range of sizes to allow your curtain rods to be appropriately scaled to fit the span of your window and your ceiling height.

When selecting your drapery hardware, make sure you stay within your brand and collection. High end manufacturers and collections make components and accessories specifically to fit with other items within their own collection. You wouldn't want to use a bracket from one brand or collection with a pole or finial from a different brand. While the sizes may me similar, there's a good chance they won't work properly together. And, even if the color or finish names are similar, they're most likely not going to match.
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