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Every drapery hardware component you need for your window treatment in wood, metal and wrought iron styles. Frequently used components include finials or end caps, smooth or fluted poles, brackets, rings and holdbacks. All components are grouped by style and matching pole diameter for convenience. If you need parts for a basic curtain rod, please visit our Curtain Rods section for matching components.

Popular Components For Drapery Rods

When choosing your drapery rods, many times, it's the style of the finial that first draws you to a drapery hardware collection. No matter which style curtain rod you have in mind - wood, metal or wrought iron, it's important that all of the components work together. The most common components that go together to create a drapery rod set are finials, rings and brackets. Other pieces like holdbacks, medallions, wands or batons are often used to make your window treatment really stand out.

While the finial may be the piece that first caught your eye, the first drapery hardware component you should decide on is the curtain rod. It's important that the diameter of the rod or pole be appropriate for your window. Small windows typically require smaller scale drapery rods like one inch or one and three-eighths. Larger windows usually look best when you use a two inch or two and one-quarter inch scale drapery rod set. And, really high or unusually long windows can accommodate a large scale three inch diameter curtain rod.

After you select the scale or rod diameter, you can focus on style. Selecting the drapery hardware diameter first is necessary since not all styles are made in every scale. For instance, if you have a really high and long window, you probably won't want a small one inch curtain rod. Since metal and wrought iron styles only have small scale options, you'll quickly discover that a wooden drapery rod is the way to go for your window because larger diameters are available.

One of the quickest ways to get all of the components you need is to order a complete decorative drapery rod set. All sets come with every component like drapery rods, finials and brackets. You won't have to search out each component separately.
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