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Dakota Drapery Hardware

Dakota Drapery Hardware

Contemporary metal curtain rods are available in the Dakota Poles Apart collection. Chrome, black and shades of brass along with crystal and glass finials work together to create an appealing window treatment. For one-way draw draperies, take a look at the Dakota bypass brackets and c-rings.

Chrome And Metal Curtain Rods From Dakota

Chrome Curtain Rods

Like most contemporary curtain rods, the Dakota collections are made from metal. You can choose from shiny finishes like nickel or chrome. Or, for a darker shade, both black and brushed tea are available. While metal drapery hardware is usually considered contemporary, there are many situations within a traditional home decor where they may look great. It's common to hang metal curtain rods in areas like a kitchen or bathroom, for example. So, regardless of your style, there's a perfect spot in your home for a Dakota drapery rod.

You'll find stand rod sizes available in the Poles Apart collection. These drapery rods are meant to be cut on site before you hang them. It's easy to trim down your curtain rod with a simple hacksaw. Before you cut your pole to size, hang the brackets on your window and dry-fit your curtain rod. Sometimes, you'll get a better idea of exactly how much to cut off when you first put the full section of pole on window. Once you've decided, make a small mark on the end of the rod where you need your cut to be.

For joining two curtain rods together, you can use an internal splice. This style of splice slides into the drapery rod and holds both sections in place. Joining poles in this fashion ensures that your drapery hardware treatment remains study and stable.

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