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Decorative Traverse Rods are the perfect combination of an elegant wood or metal pole with a super heavy-duty curtain rod. The decorative fascia style and diameter doesn't effect the strength of the rod allowing you to select any option that fits your room decor. Decorative rods are pictured without finials or endcaps so you can get a better look at the track and components.

Wood And Metal Style Curtain Rods For Operable Drapes

There are a lot of options for Decorative Traverse Rods. Don't allow the process to overwhelm you, it's really a lot easier than you think. Most all decorative traverse rods are constructed to be able to support heavy drapes, ceiling or wall mount or pinch-pleat or Ripplefold. You may see a couple of rods specified for light-weight drapes, so double-check your fabric weight before considering one of those.

The first step is to decide which style fascia you want for your curtain rod. Both wood and metal styles are available. And, for wood, you can choose a fascia style like smooth or fluted and a diameter. The curtain rod component of a decorative traverse rod doesn't change depending on your fascia choice. That means a rod with a smaller scale fascia will do an equally good job of supporting your curtains as a rod with a larger fascia style.

Next, make sure the rod you want is available for your drapery type. Most all decorative rods can be made for either pinch-pleat or Ripplefold style curtains. Don't order your rod until you know for certain which drapery style you're going to use. The components used to construct the rod differ depending on drapery type.

There are other options which my might need to consider like mounting location, return and draw. Most of time, you'll be using a wall mount rod with a standard return around four inches configured for split draw. But, if you can change any of these options to match your installation.

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