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Select Iron Works Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Forest Group 3/4" Vulcano Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware

Forest Group wrought iron curtain rods are the perfect complement to your interior design. Traditional iron style finials with functional accessories are available in popular finishes like Black Silver, Grey Copper and Sand Gold. For bay windows, swivel sockets are offered.

3/4" Wrought Iron Curtain Rods From Forest Group

Wrought Iron has become a very popular style of drapery hardware and the three quarter inch Vulcano collection from Forest Group is a great option. These smaller scale drapery rods work really well for standard size windows. They are big enough to make an impact, but small enough to not overwhelm your treatment. Plus, the drapery rods and finials come finished in colors like Bronze, Black, Gold and Copper, all of which will fit nicely into any decor.

Although the collection of finials is relatively small, you're sure to find a good match for your interior design. The standard shapes are present in the ball finial or the flair finial. Sleek and stylish end caps are also offered for a more modern look. And, a bird cage style design is offered in the Kar finial. Each finial is perfectly sized for the three quarter inch drapery rods available in this collection.

To make sure you have all the components you need for any installation, these stylish drapery rods have several bracket types to choose from. For a traditional wall mount installation, you can hang your curtains with wall brackets. Both the Duke and Vulcano bracket are made to hold one drapery rod. Or, if you need to hang your curtain rod from the ceiling, there is a ceiling mount bracket available in this collection. You can also use the ceiling bracket as a center support for an inside mount drapery rod. And, if you're needing an inside mount, you can use the Lateral Bracket or Inside Mount Socket.

To complete the collection, you can select the matching smooth drapery rings. These rings are made specifically for the three quarter inch Vulcano Wrought Iron series and match the diameter of the drapery rods. And, if you need a width greater than the standard pole size, you can join several drapery rods together using the internal splice. Just don't forget to use a center support where the two curtain rods come together in the middle.

For bay window treatments, you can combine several wrought iron poles together using swivel sockets which will adjust to the angle of your bay. And, double drapery rod treatments are easy using the Duke Double bracket. Everything you need for just about any window is available in the Forest Group three quarter inch Vulcano Wrought Iron collection.

Preview Image Shown In:
F33 - Black Silver
For 3/4" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Ring
Regular Price: $4.07
Your Price:
  • F38 - Rust
  • F37 - Sand Gold
  • F59 - Black
  • F33 - Black Silver
  • F40 - Graphite Rust
  • F35 - Grey Copper
Available In 6 Finishes
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Forest Group 3/4" Vulcano Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware Color Options

F33 - Black Silver
F34 - Black Brown
F35 - Grey Copper
F37 - Sand Gold
F40 - Graphite Rust
F59 - Black

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