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Gould NY Ironcraft Drapery Hardware

The Gould NY Ironcraft collection features stylish wrought iron curtain rods, finials and holdbacks in popular designer finishes. Matching accessories include batons, tie backs and swivel sockets. Perfect for standard windows, bays and corners.

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods From Gould NY Ironcraft

The Ironcraft collection from Gould NY features heavy duty wrought iron drapery rods, finials rings and brackets. Finished in popular colors like black, pewter, silver, bronze and gold, this drapery hardware collection is perfect for rustic to modern style window treatments. The one inch pole diameter gives you a clean, sleek look and is perfect for any size window. To cover large windows, an internal splice is available so you can join multiple pole sections together.

For bay window curtain rods or corner installations, you can use a swivel socket, sometimes called a hinged elbow. Swivel sockets attach to the end to two drapery rods and allow you bend or swivel the rods at different angles ensuring a perfect fit into any bay or corner. It's really easy to hang drapery hardware in unusually shaped windows when you use a swivel socket. And, since these accessories are available in all of Gould's wrought iron finishes, the socket will blend in perfectly with the drapery rods.

For mounting your curtain rods in an open area where traditional wall brackets won't work, you can use an inside mount socket. These accessories mount to the inside of the window frame, to the facing wall or any other open space allowing you to hang draperies in areas like doorways. When using inside mount sockets, it's important that you don't put too much fabric weight on the rod if you're trying to cover a long distance unless you use a ceiling mount bracket for additional support.

You'll also find durable double-brackets in the Gould NY Ironcraft collection. When you hang double-brackets, you can put two drapery rods on the same window creating a layered style treatment. It's popular to hang a valance or decorative drapery on the front rod and operable sheers on the rear rod. You could use a valance with a rod pocket and then use the wrought iron Gould NY rings for the sheers.

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