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Holdbacks, Medallions And Tie Backs

Holdbacks go by several different names including medallions, tie backs and rosettes. No matter what you call them, they're a great addition to your window treatment. Holdbacks alone can be use to create elegant swag treatments, or use them along with your drapery rods as tie backs.

Use Holdbacks As Standalone Treatments Or With Their Matching Drapery Rods

You can add style and functionality to your window treatment by using holdback's, tie backs and medallions. These dramatic pieces of drapery hardware are available in all shapes and sizes. Made from wood, resin, or metal - holdbacks are a great way to make a statement that's truly your own.

Size and scale are really important in choosing your holdback. It's important that you select a holdback that is sized appropriately for your window design. Just like choosing a curtain rod, you want to make sure that the scale of your drapery hardware matches your room. Holdbacks are available in sizes ranging from about 2 inches to larger than 7 inches. If you're going to hang your holdback high off the floor, you'll probably want to select a larger scale. And, for holdbacks installed near the center of the window that you may be using as a tie back, a medium to small-scale will probably look better.

Recently, it's become popular to hang curtains from holdbacks instead of drapery poles. When hanging draperies from holdbacks there are a few issues that you need to consider. The first thing to think about is how the drapery fabric is going to attach to the holdback. You may decide that you want to simply drape the fabric around the holdback, or you may want to use loops or ropes to attach the curtain to the hardware. Determining how you're going to hang the curtain first will help you decide what size projection post you'll need for the holdback. If your fabric is thick, you'll need a larger projection post. And, if you're going to use a loop or rope, a smaller projection should work out fine.

Holdbacks and medallions are sometimes called scarf holders. That's because it's really popular to gently drape fabric between holdbacks to create an airy open feeling for your room design. No matter what you call them, holdbacks will add a touch of class to any home decor.

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H22 - Antique Bronze
Drapery Hardware Type: Holdback
Regular Price: $23.63
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  • H22 - Antique Bronze
  • H80 - Sun Bleached Linen
  • H12 - Historical Gold
Available In 3 Finishes
CFD V6 (7.0.33)
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