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House Parts 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware

Wood curtain rods, finials and matching holdbacks from the House Parts 1 3/8" Collection feature unique designs and decorator finishes. Fluted poles accentuate the multi-toned finishes. Coordinating batons are a nice option for hand draw draperies.

Wood Curtain Rods From House Parts In 1 3/8" Diameter

While you're browsing for drapery hardware, a great place to start if you're looking for wood curtain rods, is the House Parts one and three-eighths inch collection. You'll find many options typically only available in higher-priced collections in this versatile and durable product line. Wooden drapery poles and curtain rods are offered in all of the standard sizes like four foot, six foot, and eight foot. And, you'll also find a unique and low-cost faux bamboo pole. These bamboo poles are constructed from strong, coated PVC and finished to give the look and feel of true bamboo.

One and three-eighths inch wood curtain rods usually look best on standard size windows. When choosing your drapery pole, keep in mind that smaller diameter rods are normally used on windows eight feet or under. If you decide to use a smaller diameter rod on a large window, your drapery hardware may not appear to be correctly scaled for your room. You would typically use a larger diameter curtain rod on a window that is ninety-six inches or more. However, other design elements in your room may require you to use a smaller diameter pole even on a large window.

This House Parts collection has a wide assortment of finials for you to choose from. You will find finials ranging from old world to modern - constructed from wood, resin and even metal. You can use the metal finials on these wood poles to create a look similar to a wrought iron curtain rod. All of the finials, rings, and brackets in this collection are available in all of House Parts most popular paints and stains.

Also, the wood drapery rods are very easy to cut down to size at home. You can trim your drapery pole to whatever size you need using a standard hand saw or a miter saw. And, don't forget, you can join multiple wood poles together using a joiner screw.

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H61 - Bright Zinc
For 1 3/8" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Accessory
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House Parts 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware Color Options

H12 - Historical Gold
H22 - Antique Bronze
H30 - Gilded
H31 - Black Silk
H35 - Bamboo
H40 - Black
H79 - English Walnut
H80 - Sun Bleached Linen
H81 - Cristal

House Parts 1 3/8" Wood Collection Sample Kit

House Parts Wood Sample Chain With All Wood And Wrought Iron Color Chips
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