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Kirsch 1 3/8" Wood Trends Drapery Hardware

Classic wood curtain rods from Kirsch in popular colors like white, oak and mahogany. Traditional finial designs and smooth or fluted poles add the perfect accent to your window treatment. One and three-eights scale looks great on standard width windows.

Wood Trends Curtain Rods In 1 3/8" Scale From Kirsch

Popular finial designs like ball, sherwood and oakleaf cone paired with either fluted or smooth wood curtain rods work together to create an inviting and traditional window treatment. The Kirsch 1 3/8" Wood Trends collection features all of the basic color choices you need to match your hardware with your rooms interior design style.

For bay or corner applications, use the Kirsch swivel socket to join two or three poles to conform to shape of your window. Just don't forget that swivel sockets don't provide stability, you'll still need at least two support brackets for each pole section you use for your treatment.

For large windows, wood pole joiner screws can be used to combined multiple drapery rods together to reach any length. Install a bracket at each joint to provide extra support. And, wood poles are really easy to cut down to size if your window is smaller than the pole sizes available.

You can match finishes between Kirsch Wood Trends and Estate decorative traverse rods. If you need an operable treatment for one window in your room, use the Estate Wood Trends and match the hardware for the remaining windows with their coordinating finishes from other Wood Trends collections.

Rings from the Kirsch 1 3/8" Wood Trends collection come with alligator clips which are removable. You can use the clips to attach your flat panel drapery or valance to the ring. Or, take the clips off to use the eyelet with a drapery pin for pinch-pleat curtains.

Preview Image Shown In:
083 - Mahogany
For 1 3/8" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Ring
Regular Price: $18.57
Sold In Packs Of 7
Your Price:
Sold In Packs Of 7
  • 830 - Marble
  • 841 - Coffee
  • 825 - Dark Chocolate
  • 820 - Estate Oak
  • 091 - Unfinished
  • 083 - Mahogany
  • 059 - Black
  • 835 - Truffle
  • 025 - White
Available In 9 Finishes
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Kirsch 1 3/8" Wood Trends Drapery Hardware Color Options

025 - White
059 - Black
083 - Mahogany
085 - Walnut
091 - Unfinished
820 - Estate Oak
825 - Dark Chocolate
827 - Hazelnut
841 - Coffee
894 - Satin Gold

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