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Kirsch 3" Buckingham Drapery Hardware

Three inch diameter wood curtain rods are frequently used on wide window or windows high off the floor level. Large scale 3" Kirsch Buckingham includes the most popular finial and color choices. If you're unsure about using 3", ask us first!

Extra-Large 3" Diameter Wood Curtain Rods From Kirsch Buckingham

When making decisions about what type of drapery hardware to use for your decorative window treatment, one of the first steps is to decide which drapery pole diameter you want to use. If you have decided to use three inch scale, then the perfect place to start browsing is with the Kirsch Buckingham three inch wood drapery rod collection. These hand crafted products will look great on your really high or really long window. Always bear in mind that drapery hardware is offered in several sizes so when you hang it, your treatment will fit the scale of your window. It's very common to choose a three inch scale treatment for a room with very high ceilings where the top of the window is ten feet or more off floor level. And, in some cases, unusually long banks of windows will accommodate a three inch scale decorative treatment. Typically, you wouldn't use a three inch drapery pole on a standard window in a room with eight foot ceilings because the scale of the drapery hardware would be overwhelming.

Kirsch has created three inch size versions of their most popular Buckingham finials to give you a wide assortment of styles to choose from. You'll find traditional finials like the Acanthus Leaf and the Windsor to give your room classic appeal. Or, for more contemporary settings, take a look at the Cross Geometric and the Fluted End Cap. The sleek design of these finials will compliment any decor and work with all 3 inch wood drapery rods in the collection.

If you're looking for a stylish metallic finish, you can choose from Aged Gold, Shimmer or Ornate. Each of these custom hand-applied faux finishes will give your drapery hardware treatment a rustic metal feel with hints of golds and silvers. Or, choose one of the rich Buckingham stains like New Mahogany or New Oak for a traditional look. If you want to paint or stain your hardware yourself, all of the Kirsch Buckingham products are offered unfinished so you can create your own style.

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