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Kirsch Curtain Rods And Traverse Rods

Kirsch curtain rods lead in the industry in functionality and design. Superfine traverse rods, Lockseam curtain rods and wide face Continental rods are designed to be durable and easy to install. Specialty rods for bay windows and corners are also available.

Traverse, Valance, Sash And Lockseam Rods From Kirsch

Curtain rods are used to hang traversing draperies, stationary draperies, valances and sheers. One of the most common drapery styles is pinch-pleat. Most all pinch-pleat draperies are installed on a traverse rod. A traverse rod opens and closes your draperies with a cord and can be split draw or one-way draw. The leading maker of curtain rods and traverse rods is Kirsch. Since the early nineteen-hundreds, Kirsch has been manufacturing the very best, most durable and most widely specified curtain rods in the drapery hardware industry.

For valances over a regular curtain rod or as a standalone drapery hardware treatment, you might need a Kirsch Continental Rod. Continental rods have a wide face and are typically used with valances that have a large rod pocket. If your valance has a small rod pocket, then the Kirsch Lockseam Curtain Rod will most likely be the best option. When hanging a valance, you will need to know what clearance you need for your curtain rod. Clearance is the distance from the back of the rod to the wall. You will need a rod that will clear any obstacle in your window like wood blinds or shutters.

For light weight draperies, the Kirsch Sash Rods or Cafe Rods are a good choice. Sash rods typically install very close to the wall and are most commonly used for sheers. Cafe Rods are very small rods that are meant only for very light fabrics. You can also use both sash rods or cafe rods on doors.

If you are installing curtains in a bay window or in a corner, Kirsch makes several special shape curtain rods. You can use this style of drapery hardware to hang both valances and curtains as well as sheers. And, for arch-top windows, the clear curtain rods are a great choice.

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