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Select Iron Image 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware

Get the look of an iron window treatment without the weight with Select 1 3/8" Iron Image curtain rods. The Charcoal finish will blend nicely with just about any fabric or color scheme. Metal brackets and rings complete your iron look.

Select 1 3/8" Iron Image Is A Great Alternative To Wrought Iron

You can have the look and feel of true forged or wrought iron without all of the added weight and expense of true wrought iron drapery hardware components when you choose the Select one and three-eighths inch Iron Image collection. The matte charcoal finish gives the four finial designs and wood poles the look of a true forged iron drapery rod treatment. This collection is the perfect option if you're looking for an iron look, but in a slightly larger scale. And, wooden curtain rods are usually a more economical choice over wrought iron or metal.

Choosing wood drapery rods that look like wrought iron over a true solid iron or metal rod gives you a lot of extra flexibility. It's really easy to trim a wood pole down to your exact size at home to ensure a perfect fit. While it's much more difficult to cut down a metal pole or wrought iron pole at home. Also, wood rods can be easily joined together to reach longer lengths by using an inexpensive wood pole joiner screw. You can quickly cover multiple windows by joining several wood curtain rods together using the joiners.

To make sure your decorative window treatment has that true wrought iron feel, the Select one and three-eighths inch Iron Image collection offers four unique finials plus iron style brackets and rings. The metal rings and brackets have been specifically made to work with this collection. So, you can be sure that the rings, even though they are metal, will not damage your wood pole as they open and close your drapery. The minimalistic styled brackets really help complete the look. They are finished to precisely match the color tone of the pole and finials, so even though they are metal, they'll blend in perfectly with the rest of your drapery hardware components.

Have the look of traditional wrought iron without the extra weight and expense with the Select one and three-eighths inch Iron Image collection.

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S91 - Zinc Plated
For 1 3/8" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Accessory
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