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Select 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware

Stylish finial designs and decorator quality finishes are featured in the Select 1 3/8" Wood curtain rod collection. For curtains that draw with a cord, Decorative Traverse rods are available in coordinating colors for use with finials from this collection.

Classic Finishes And Traditional Designs From Select 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Rods

The Select one and three-eighths collection features drapery hardware that will allow you to finish your room in style at an affordable price. Both smooth and fluted drapery rods are available in traditional window sizes like four foot and eight foot. And, all wooden curtain rods from Select can be trimmed to size on site before you install them. Or, they can be joined together to reach longer widths using a joiner screw. So, no matter what size your window is there's a Select drapery rod that will work.

If your design style is more classical, you can browse for the rich Mahogany or Walnut finishes. These colors are available on traditional finials like the Ball. And, for a more modern look, you might want to consider using the Newport finial. All finials are finished with high-end interior decorator style paints and stains so your drapery hardware treatment will look great for years to come.

It's easy to create a double drapery rod treatment when you use Select drapery rods and brackets. The double bracket is available for a one and three-eighths inch diameter wooden curtain rod on both the front and back. It's very common to use decorative rings and finials on the front rod of a double treatment. Typically, you wouldn't want another pair of finals for the rear rod. It's recommended to use end caps on the back rod of a double treatment. And, if you're hanging sheers with a rod pocket on the back pole, make sure that your pocket depth is at least two or two and a half inches so the drapery rod will fit into your pocket.

For the most part, the one and three-eighths inch diameter wood drapery rods are used on standard size windows. Using a small scale pole on a really high or really long window may make your drapery hardware appear too small for your window. Always keep perspective in mind when selecting a pole diameter. For larger windows, try a two inch or two and one-quarter inch pole.

Preview Image Shown In:
S45 - Black
For 1 3/8" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Accessory
Regular Price: $40.97 - $61.09
Your Price:
$20.19 - $30.10
  • S76 - Unfinished
  • S55 - Walnut
  • S50 - White
  • S45 - Black
  • S03 - Mahogany
  • S52 - Linen
  • 960 - Platinum
  • 965 - Antique Pewter
  • 955 - Mocha
  • S47 - Black Walnut
  • S23 - Vintage Gold
  • S17 - Bronze
Available In 12 Finishes
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Select 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware Color Options

955 - Mocha
S03 - Mahogany
S17 - Bronze
S23 - Vintage Gold
S40 - Charcoal
S45 - Black
S47 - Black Walnut
S50 - White
S52 - Linen
S55 - Walnut
S76 - Unfinished

Select 1 3/8" Collection Sample Kit

Select Wood Sample Deck With All Standard And Limited Color Chips
Buy Select Wood Sample Deck With All Standard And Limited Color Chips

Downloads For Select 1 3/8" Collection

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