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Basic sewing supplies for drapery or roman shade construction. Pins and hooks for pleated draperies, cord locks and pulleys for roman shades and tapes and weights for sheers. Both piping cord and traditional nylon braided cord is also available.

Supplies For Drapery And Roman Shade Makers

Basic sewing supplies include drapery pins, piping cord, crinoline and tapes. Most of the supplies are used either in the construction of a basic curtain or a roman shade. For roman shades, you'll most likely need nylon cord, cord locks and pulleys and cord pulls, sometimes called tassels. And, if you not going to stitch in your rings individually, roman shade tape is also available.

Drapery pins are used to attach your curtain to the eyelet of a decorative ring or to a curtain rod carrier. There are many different styles of drapery pin depending on the type of curtain you want to hang. Pleater hooks are used on pleated draperies and are available in two sizes allowing you to specify how far the header of your drapery extends over the face of your rod. For plain white metal curtain rods, you'll probably want to use pleater hooks to extend the header upward to cover the rod. You can achieve the same result with long shank hooks if you don't need to provide additional support to your pleats.

Crinoline is sometimes called Buckram and is used to provide stability to the curtain header. Crinoline keeps the top of your drapery standing upright providing a tailored look. Piping cord, also referred to as welting, is frequently sewn into a curtain, pillow or other fabric around the edges. And, weighted tapes or sew on weights are used for lighter fabrics or sheers to keep the fabric hanging evenly.

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