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Gould NY 1" Metalware Drapery Hardware

Modern acrylic finials and traditional ball finials or end caps are available for Gould NY 1" Metalware curtain rods. Coordinating cup style brackets for wall mount installations or eyelet brackets for ceiling applications make hanging your treatment easy.

Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods With Acrylic Finials From Gould NY

For a modern style drapery hardware treatment, the Gould NY Metalware collection of one inch drapery rods is a fantastic choice. The most sought after contemporary colors like black, brass and brushed nickel are featured in this collection along with streamlined geometric finials made from durable metal and glass. You can choose from traditional ball style finials, or go with the hard lines found in the square or rectangular shaped finials. Plus, two contemporary end caps are available for a minimalistic style. Any modern decor is the perfect setting for a Gould NY Metalware window treatment.

All of the drapery rods in the Metalware collection can be pre-cut to your specific size before leaving the Gould NY fabrication facility. So, it's really easy to get a perfect match for your window. When having a curtain rod custom cut for you, it's really important that you take good measurements. Make sure to allow enough room for your end brackets and don't include the width of the finial in your rod measurement. Cutting the rod at home is always the best idea if you have access to cutting tools like a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade. You may find that you'd prefer an extra inch or so once you fit the hardware on your window.

There are several bracket styles available in the Gould NY Metalware collection. You can select either a single or double bracket for your window treatment. Or, you can use an inside mount socket for hanging curtains in open areas or within the window frame. And, a full eyelet bracket is available, finished in all of the contemporary colors, for hanging your drapery rod from the ceiling. You can use the ceiling mount bracket to provide additional support for a curtain rod installed in an open area with inside mount sockets.

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