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Kirsch 2" Buckingham Drapery Hardware

Both stationary poles and matching decorative traverse rods are available in the Kirsch 2" Buckingham collection. For curtains that open and close with a cord, decorative traverse rods in Buckingham finishes are available.

2" Wood Curtain Rods From The Kirsch Buckingham Collection

Some of the most sought after drapery hardware finishes are found in the Kirsch two inch Buckingham Collection. Buckingham wood curtain rods are famous for their multi-toned faux finishes and two of the most popular are Old World White and Aged Gold. Kirsch has been producing these finishes for many years and they remain at the top of the list for both interior designers and home owners. Old World White starts with a gentle white wash effect, then subtle yellows are added to give your drapery hardware an aged look. And, Aged Gold also makes use of faux-finished techniques to give your drapery rods the look of rustic and tarnished metal.

Since the two inch pole diameter is one of the most popular sizes for drapery poles, Kirsch has produced both smooth and fluted versions for the Buckingham Collection. The ridges in the fluted poles really add impact to the distinctive Buckingham finishes. Because paint and stain tends to gather in the grooves of a fluted pole, these recessed areas always appear darker than the rest of the pole. This striking combination of light and dark areas make the fluted poles very popular. It's important to remember that sometimes, the same finish will appear completely different when applied to a fluted pole.

With dozens of finials to choose from, you can find any style you're looking for. Traditional pine cone style finials like the Temple or Pineacantus are very popular in classic room designs. More modern finials like the Cross Geometric or Lantern In Leather are available for a more contemporary look. And, Kirsch has produced several styles of End Caps for the two inch wood curtain rod size, several with matching brackets and rings.

If you want to add additional impact to your drapery hardware treatment, you can get a decorative bracket. These brackets can also be used as scarf holders or sconces.

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