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Drapery Hardware Knowledge Base

Kirsch Designer Metals curtain rods, guides and articles
Published In: General
Becoming an interior designer is truly a rewarding experience. Not only will a designer's work directly impact clients, but also whoever happens to step into their home or business. There is instant gratification as a designer starts to transfor... (Keep Reading)
Published In: General
First off: what is the difference between a curtain and a drapery? In today’s world, a drapery is the kind of curtain that will completely close the window off to the room. A curtain, by today’s standards, is an unlined piece of fabric that i... (Keep Reading)
Published In: General
Window treatments have been a way of life for all walks of life for a very long time. Regardless of rich or poor, it almost seems obscene to leave a window undressed.  Enhancing rooms with a bit of color and texture can change four clinging wall... (Keep Reading)
Published In: General
Several Different Components Make Up Your Decorative Designer Drapery Hardware TreatmentWhen you're assembling your decorative drapery hardware order, make sure you have included all of the components that you're going to need to hang it. For jus... (Keep Reading)
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