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Great Curtain Rod Options For Patio Doors

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Published: 05-01-2016

Kirsch Buckingham On A Patio Door

Treating a patio door with curtains can be a difficult task. Especially if you use the area frequently and are continuously in and out of the door. Plus, if you want to close the curtains at night, you'll need an operable treatment. More often than not, you'll want a one-way draw unless you have plenty of wall space at both ends of the glass to accommodate the stack of a split-draw rod. Before you give up and hang a set of vertical blinds, you should consider these options.

Decorative Drapery Pole With Rings

Super easy, simple and elegant, a decorative drapery pole may be a good choice for your patio door, especially if you're okay with stacking the drapery on the left and right. Just about every drapery pole can be joined in the center using a joiner screw or internal splice. Since most patio doors are around ten or eleven feet, you can use two six foot poles and a joiner. If you door is wider, two eight foot poles may be needed instead.

This option won't work well for one-way draw treatments where you'll need your curtains to move past the center support. You'll want to consider a drapery rod that has optional bypass rings and bypass brackets that are specifically designed to allow the drape to open past support brackets. Both Kirsch Wrought Iron and Select Metal are good collections to consider.

Decorative Traverse Rod

You won't find an easier way to hang draperies over a patio door than a decorative traverse rod. They simply are the very best option for both functionality and design. If you're going to be drawing your draperies daily, you'll be very glad you opted for decorative traverse. Plus, you won't have to worry about bypass rings or brackets for a one-way draw. These specialty curtain rods look just like a decorative wood or metal pole, but they operate like a heavy duty curtain rod. Truly the very best of both worlds, and they're built to last.

Heavy Duty Curtain Rod

If you're thinking about hanging a simple fabric valance across the top of the patio door, you can easily conceal the workings of a heavy duty curtain rod underneath. You'll most likely want to use a standard curtain rod or wide face Continental rod for the valance topper. Just make sure the clearance of the valance rod is great enough to allow for easy operation of the heavy duty rod beneath it.

Heavy duty curtain rods operate just the same as decorative traverse, but they don't have wood or metal fascia on the front. They are meant to be concealed under a valance. However, there are several types of heavy duty curtain rods that come in shades of metal or bronze that might look great with your interior even without a valance.

Adjustable, pre-made curtain rods are certainly an option. But, you'll most likely be better off in the long run with either a decorative traverse or heavy duty curtain rod.

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