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Three Tips For Improving Your Interior Design Photos

Written By:
Published: 06-24-2015

As an interior designer, you put a lot of time and effort into the work you provide to your clients. One of the key components to your job would be your portfolio and website.

Many of your clients will want to visit your site and look at pictures both on the site and included in your portfolio to see your work. This will let them know if you are the designer that they would like to choose for their own home or business.

The problem that many designers face is the fact that when they take pictures of their work, the pictures come out dull and lifeless, and this does nothing for the beauty of their design. Discussed here will be some of the tips you can use when taking interior design photography.

Use a Better Quality Camera

While you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a camera, you should try to use one that is better than the old disposable that you might find in the travel section of your local department store.

You should also avoid using a smartphone or tablet camera and instead use an actual point-and-shoot camera instead. While the picture you take on your smartphone might look fine, it may become blurry and distorted once you put it on a bigger screen like a computer or television.

Use Natural Lighting

While a lot of people like to use the flash on their cameras to brighten up the photo, this can cause your work to come out looking very unnatural and not appealing at all when the photo is enlarged.

If it helps, be sure to take the photograph of your work with natural lighting coming through a window. If there is a window in the room, make sure to allow the light to shine through at a time when it is not too bright.

Take the flash off of your camera and just shoot multiple photos that you can then go through later on. It is vital that you take more than one shot just because this allows you to pick out the best one for your portfolio or website.

Make Sure to Focus on the Best Aspects

When you’re trying to show off your best work, you need to take pictures of that specifically. If you’ve recently designed a room but feel that your work on the wall paint and design was the best part of the finished project, this is definitely what should be highlighted in the photos.

By taking multiple shots using a better quality camera, you’re sure to have a lot of pictures that you can show off to your clients. Many designers find that the right photos can even help to bring in more clientele with whom they can work on a regular basis, and this is why a lot of care and attention needs to be put into the pictures that you take both for your site and portfolio.

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