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Metal Style Curtain Rods From Kirsch Drapery Hardware

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Published: 03-14-2013
Metal Drapery Hardware From Kirsch

Metal drapery rods from Kirsch are available in shades of silver and chrome as well as bronze. Metal drapery hardware is perfect for grommet, tab top and rod pocket style draperies.

One of the most popular drapery hardware styles used with tab-top, grommet, or rod pocket type curtains and valances is metal. Interior designers and home owners often choose to use silver and chrome metal drapery rods to provide a more modern or contemporary feel for a window treatment. But, metal curtain rods aren't exclusively used for modern designs. Many metal options are available for traditional or classic home decor as well. The Designer Metals collection made by Kirsch Drapery Hardware contains components that can be combined to create just about any look you're after for your interior design.

The most commonly used colors for metal drapery hardware are silver or chrome, bronze and brass. You'll find several variations of these color choices available in Kirsch Designer Metals. Typically, silver or chrome is used for more contemporary designs. And, you'll find chrome drapery rods used frequently in kitchen areas because the finish closely matches common fixtures and appliances. Bronze curtain rods offer a warm feel and are perfect for living areas or bedrooms. One of the most popular bronze style color choices is Oil-Rubbed Bronze from Kirsch. The earthy two-toned effect of this finish really works great with traditional style finials and it blends well with popular fabric designs.

If you're hanging curtains that have grommets, it's very important that you measure the inner diameter of the grommet before you buy your drapery rods. The metal curtain rods from Kirsch Drapery Hardware are made in one and three-eighths diameter. That means your drapery will need grommets with an inner diameter of at least one and one-half inch to operate smoothly. For rod-pocket style curtains or valances, a pocket depth of a little more than two inches is recommended.

For curtains that open and close with a cord, you will need to get a decorative metal traverse rod. The Kirsch curtain rods in the Designer Metals collection come with either plain carriers or decorative faux rings and they can be configured for a split draw or one-way draw. Split draw drapery rods open from the center and your curtains stack on both the right and left side of your window. One-Way draw rods can open and stack from either the right or left depending on your room design.

To hang operable draperies with rings, you can use the Kirsch bypass brackets in combination with c-rings. If your window treatment consists only of side panels that don't open or close, traditional rings and brackets will work fine. Or, if your drapery rod doesn't require a center support, you won't need to use bypass brackets. But, if you need to open and close your curtains past a support bracket, then you'll need to consider these special Kirsch brackets for your treatment. The design of the bypass bracket allows c-rings to move past easily. You can install the support you need and still have operable draperies.

The Designer Metals collection from Kirsch Drapery Hardware has may other great accessories to help you complete your room design. From swivel sockets that make installing a bay window treatment a snap to outstanding metal hold backs and tie backs for added impact, you'll find everything you need in this robust collection.
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