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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Rod Width

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide


Heavy-Duty Kirsch Architrac Curtain Rod Width

Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods: Tip-To-Tip Width represents the full track width from outside of end cap left to outside of end cap right.

Decorative Wooden Traverse Rod Width

Decorative Traverse Rods: Tip-To-Tip Width represents the operable track width. Do not include the width of finials or end caps.

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  • "Should I Add Extra Inches To My Rod Width? How Much Do I Need To Add For The Brackets?"
Decorative Curtain Rod Bracket Width

If your window has trim, you may want the brackets installed off the trim a few inches. And, if you have wall space, you may want to add a few more inches to allow your curtain fabric to stack off the window to provide a more open view.

There’s no set "rule" an extra four or five inches on either side typically works well. But, brackets for Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods and Decorative Traverse Rods can be placed at any point along the track.

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  • "One Side Of My Window Is Right Against A Wall, I Want A Decorative Traverse, But I Don’t Have Room For A Finial - Now What?"
Decorative Curtain Rod Dead End To Wall

Not a problem! Just use an end cap on the side that's up against the wall.

Or, if the collection you want has an Inside Mount Socket available in the color and fascia diameter that matches your Decorative Traverse Rod, you can "dead-end" your rod into an Inside Mount Socket for a clean look. Don’t forget to install an end bracket before the Inside Mount Socket.

Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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