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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Track Profiles

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide

Curtain Rod Track Profiles

C-Channel light-weight curtain rod track
C-Channel Curtain Rod
(Medium To Light Weight Fabrics)
Cubicle, hospital or hotel curtain rod track
Cubicle Track
(Medium Duty, Direct Mount)
Baton or hand draw drapery rod track
Hand or Baton Draw
(Heavy Duty)
H-Rail drapery rod track with carriers
H-Rail Drapery Rod
(Top Bracket Channel)
Top channel molded curtain rod track
Molded Channel
(Top Bracket Channel)
Medium duty curtain rod Kirsch Architrac
Isolated Cord Channel
(Medium Duty)
Kirsch and TMS Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Track
Isolated Cord Channel
(Heavy Duty - Kirsch And TMS)
Select Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Track
Isolated Cord Channel
(Heavy Duty - Select)
Kirsch Estate Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Track
Isolated Cord Channel
(With Kirsch Fascia Guide)
Tracks with Isolated Cord Channels provide the smoothest operation and virtually eliminate cord tangles. The example images above are not shown to scale. Some profiles have been enlarged so you can better see the shape of the track and carrier placement. Many tracks have multiple carrier options, the carrier shown may not be the only choice. The Track Profiles on this page are the most commonly used; many brands have similar track styles with small variations. The rod you’re considering may vary slightly from the example images displayed on this page.
Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
CFD V6 (7.0.33)
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