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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Restring Pattern

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide

Drapery Rod Restring Pattern

All curtain rods, even rods made in sections, will arrive pre-strung. Use the Restring Pattern as a guide should the drapery rod become “un-strung” during installation or at some point in the future.

Split Draw Curtain Rod

How to restring a split draw curtain rod
Our example picture shows a gap between the master carriers so you can get a better look at the cord placement. Whenever you restring a rod, make sure the master carriers are at the center point of the rod and touching one another. Use a rubber band to gently keep the masters together at the center while you restring the rod.

One-Way Draw Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod one way draw restring diagram


How to restring master carriers on a curtain rod
Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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